Why Conventional Business Strategies Do Not Work for Artists

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Artists are actually in the business of selling feelings and that is why traditional company business strategies do not work for them. That is likewise why artists do not see themselves as entrepreneurs. Artists really offer “items” that evoke the sensation, items that link the purchaser with their inner self. That’s of more value than a pair of new tennis shoes or the current technical gizmo. So large sums of money always have and almost certainly always will change hands in the art market.

So why is it that most artists do not see themselves as business entrepreneurs?

The confusion is fueled by the loud and unquestioned “but you’re supposed to be a starving artist” belief, one which is disrespectful and very harmful.

Paradoxically, this idea is continually propagated by the exact same culture and economy that values art so highly, which is roughly 3.2 % of the US Gross Domestic Product! So why else are the creators of these extremely valued “items” so baffled? I wonder if it’s due to the fact that an artist commonly can’t see beyond how they feel about their own ‘works of art’?

Why is that?

Since unlike standard businesses, artists offer products that reflect exactly what is deeply and personally significant to them. Target audience? That is not something they even discuss in art school. So artists do not relate to traditional business and conventional business does not relate to artists. Each camp is frequently outright hostile towards the other.

Artists believe that their values are far removed from business people and they do not speak the same common language. We usually dislike what we don’t comprehend and what intimidates us.

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