Popular Interior Design Styles in Sydney

Month: December 2019

Sydney interior design choices range from a variety of top Australian designs. There are several talented interior designers in Sydney and across Australia. By examining previous work in past projects and new buildings, one cannot fail to identify trends and styles that are popular among Sydney residents. From the designers, it’s no secret that Sydney residents have a choice in interior decor that suits their unique styles and design needs. These designs range from modern, shabby, chic and century designs, to name only a few. By choosing one particular style or combining a number of designs, one is sure to come up with a perfectly customised home. The following have been named by interior designers in Sydney as the most popular.

Contemporary Style

In contemporary interior design, designers create a space that is based and focused on modern times. In contemporary interior design, the decor is fluid and can be incorporated with other styles without strictly adhering to one theme. In this design, a sense of currency is created, and individuality of the client is portrayed. Space, light, and materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly. In this design, there is no one style to be followed, such as the Victorian style. It is a mixture of themes used together to achieve a contemporary interior design style. 

Traditional Style

Traditional interior design is popular among several individuals in Sydney. The traditional interior design style incorporates classic details of a house, abundant accessories, and sumptuous furnishings. Sydney residents with roots in European nations tend to prefer traditional interior design styles. In this theme, dark hardwood finishes are incorporated with a multi-coloured palette, curved lines and several textures. Moreover, the chosen furnishings have distinct fabrics and details. More preferred fabrics include velvet and silk. The materials identified contain several patterns. In traditional interior design, decor tends to create an in-depth and richly layered dimension.

Modern Style

Most homes in Sydney tend to incorporate modern interior design styles. This involves interior design with clear and clean lines. Choices involve simple tones in fabrics and the colour palette. In these homes, designers incorporate, glass, metal and steel in home decorations. These homes incorporate sleekness in all aspects. In fact, modern interior design styles encourage simplicity in all regards, including the choice of furniture. Accessories are minimised, unlike traditional styles, and clutter is also reduced in homes incorporating modern interior designs.

Minimalist Style

Another common style among Sydney residents is the minimalist interior design style. The minimalist style borrows from modern design, becoming a more simplified version. In this interior design style, neutral and airy colours are preferred. These colours extend from the wallpaper, fabrics, and palettes. Flamboyance is shunned in the minimalist style and therefore, furnishings are simple and not excessive. Accessories are reduced, and the décor is clean. Most Sydney residents prefer minimalism since home furnishings and equipment are chosen due to their functionality, and neutral colours enhance clean lines.

Mid-Century Style

The mid-century interior design style is popular among several Sydney residents. This is because it’s not only a throwback to past century interior design styles, but it also compares several aesthetics. Designers creating the mid-century style are committed to functionalism and a clutter-free environment like the minimalist style. Also, this style incorporates natural furnishing shapes, simple fabrics, and easy to use furnishings. The mid-century style allows for a seamless transition in design to the exterior of a home.

Transitional Style

The transitional style is one popular interior design style in Sydney. This is because it incorporates modern, contemporary, and traditional interior design styles. This allows for a variety of styles to be incorporated in a home, hence creating an appealing aesthetic balance. In such homes, steel and glass materials may be used, complementing plush furnishings. In transitional style, warm and neutral colours are used to create a sleek and stylish colour pattern.

There are several interior design choices in Sydney that residents prefer, ranging from modern styles to traditional styles. From the list above, one cannot fail to select a style of their choice, or a combination, to meet their house design needs.

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