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Feature Wall in an Advertising Agency

Month: November 2019

In business, the right impression can increase your reputation. Usually, customer experience depends on a steady impact on the services that businesses provide. While a feature wall and corresponding tiles in an advertising office create a welcoming environment, the positive impacts come from using the right elements.

Before installing a feature wall, choose a strategic wall space and interior wall finishes with unrestricted views. Since areas like the reception and conference room are common spaces for visitors, a well-designed feature wall might create the right impression. Here are some ways of getting visitors’ attention.

Get an Interior Designer with the Right Experience

The best method of creating a feature wall in your offices is by hiring the services of interior designers. As experts, they understand how sophisticated designs can convert sales. Also, their study of different art programs and experiences with projects makes them great feature wall designers. They would try to understand the objectives of the organization and what exactly you’re looking for and provide ideas for the same. This helps the members of the organization gauge what exactly they’d like through a professional approach and have a free say in what the best way to go about it would be.

Many designers integrate popular slangs, sound bite and trendy images in graffiti. They understand contemporary designs and can help your advertising agency with the right feature wall. All you got to do it provide suggestions and an idea overall on what you envision and these professionals would help turn them into reality.

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Advantages of a Feature Wall

Unique Design Element

Regardless of running an old or new advertising business, it’s never too late to integrate a feature wall in your office. According to architects, office interior design elements make bold statements in the advertising industry. Office murals make unique design elements and inspire business experiences. Having really attractive wood-look tiles with the continuation of the themed wall in the office is what most creative agencies have picked up nowadays.

Serves as a Marketing Tool

Business owners can tag areas of advertising with special graffiti murals. A feature wall could also display your company’s marketing plans. Visual designs like interior billboards can display the advertising agency’s services, coverage areas, the brand. This idea of visual marketing creates positive impacts with artistic elements.

When potential clients and investors walk into your office, they should have positive impressions about your company’s wide coverage. Usually, feature walls with market information show that your advertising agency understands the niche.

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Strengthens Brand Personality

The brand is what customers feel about a company’s service and products. A brand is also what the customer tells the others. Hence it is up to an organization to decide how exactly they wish to be portrayed to their loyal customers to retain them and help attract new customers towards their business. However, your advertising agency can influence the customer’s experience with simple elements like the company’s logo and brand’s theme. A plain office wall doesn’t often look outstanding without designs that communicate corporate identity.

While being creative with workspace aesthetics, minimalistic designs create a strong brand personality. Apart from the company’s name, a simple and colorful logo makes bold statements. The logo can create an impression of an advertising agency that likes stylish and innovative work methods.

Improve Productivity

Feature walls with stylish graphics can create a busy advertising agency. Moreover, having these featured and designed walls reflecting off good quality marble tiles can completely enhance the working motivation amongst employees. Just like how most people find themselves much more productive when they are seated in a cute café, having all the ambience in the office alone would make the productivity a lot more amplified. Usually, accent walls are interactive, and modern advertising agencies are using this concept. One of the decorative features of murals is a positive effect on workplace productivity. Naturally, colours could be very powerful with their psychological effects. When employees have workspaces that are relaxing, it improves their cognitive capacity and productivity.

Feature Wall cans Help Clients to Make the Right Decision

Workers in advertising agencies brainstorm and use trendy designs to win more share of the market. Accent feature wall designs that illustrate panoramic cityscapes are a great concept. Sometimes, potential clients might not know the right locations to display their billboard messages.

They can reflect on this challenge after getting some inspiration from the details of your office’s feature wall. Integrate maps of different areas in your locality on the feature wall. It might be the right strategy that strikes a conversation for these clients. A travel agency that promotes its business could integrate specific elements on the feature wall. Examples of these elements include an aerial view of getaway destinations, whites sand beaches, and a luxury hotel in Paris.

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