Dream Career: Grad Designs Uniforms for Dolphins’ Girls Basketball Team

Month: January 2017

Among the best things to take place in Stephan Devroe’s high school experience was not making the Whitney Young boys basketball group.

After his unsuccessful tryout, Devroe, then 16, ended up being a manager for the Dolphins’ national power women hoops team. He maintained his relationship with head coach Corry Irvin and other Dolphins workers over the years, even while he went to Baylor University, and while he began his own couture business: Campus Love, which in part develops uniforms, socks, warm-ups and other gear for basketball groups.

Devroe’s first customer became Whitney Young’s girls’ team, for whom he designed youth basketball uniforms for this year after a couple of seasons of making their socks and other apparel.

Devroe doesn’t just have one basketball client. He also makes garments for the De La Salle Institute’s ladies basketball group and socks for the Robert Morris University guys’ basketball team. He wants to expand the School Love line to high schools on the South Side like Chicago Vocational, Bowen and Kenwood.

Devroe makes all the clothing, with the exception of uniforms, himself at a factory in Roseland. Devroe always dreamed of having his own business, in the beginning he was unsure of what exactly that business would be. One thing was clear though, the Dolphins always backed Devroe’s dreams and always planned on being a future client regardless of what the business entailed.

Irvin was a supervisor for Baylor’s ladies’ basketball team, and he’s the sixth-grade kid’s basketball coach at Francis Parker School in Lincoln Park.

His love for basketball jersey design started at Whitney Young, where he took a graphic design class, and he’s attempted to mesh his love of hoops and style since.

Devroe believed it was a dream to get into Whitney Young in the first place after a youth in South Coast, a community plagued by shootings. He said he never seizes the day to develop for approved, particularly after losing two Whitney Young schoolmates to violent deaths. That consists of Rodney Kyle’s, a rap artist referred to as In Rod We Desire who was fatally stabbed in 2011, and Greg Tucker, a basketball standout who was fatally shot in Classy this year.

A few weeks prior to Tucker was killed, he sent out Devroe a text message that in part read something along the lines of: It’s cool to see somebody I have actually known for years doing something positive and something that he loves. That’s some real stuff brother.

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