Get Your Own Art Career into Gear

Month: May 2015

art into gearMany artists that I know would not consider themselves entrepreneurs or business people. But art is a business! Not many will experience Picasso-size deals in their artistic lifetimes, but there are still many ways artists can promote themselves and boost their income.

Stay with what works

The reality is, no one is going to make your career work for you. You are the artist, so you need to get your work out there in front of the public. One way is to send out laminated postcards for all your shows. People seem to collect them. Update your own website regularly (a great example is a plus size clothing website who does this well), get an email list established and design your own postcards for that individual touch. You should also think about showing in non-traditional places.

The reality is that putting up a website is not only a promotional tool, but it also acts as a catalogue (or kind of like a cheap storage solution) of your work for prospective purchasers. Think about this: if collectors can’t buy directly from your site, they can see what kind of work you have available but might lose interest if they move on to someone else’s site if they cannot buy then and there. So think about setting up some sort of e-commerce platform. If you don’t have the know how, find someone who does. You should have a presence at as many art fairs as you can, as this will give your work a major boost in terms of visibility as well as sales. You never know, one big sale at one of these art fairs could help finance many months of art-making

Another thing you can do to make things as streamlined as possible is to learn to do technical stuff yourself like IT consulting services. This means that you take your own photos and figure out the software so you can update your website. It saves on paying somebody else, but more to the point, what it really means is that you can take the time to get things looking exactly the way you want them to look. If you have to constantly explain to curators that your website isn’t 100% up to date it’s a huge waste of everybody’s time.

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