10 Photography Marketing Ideas That Work

You have launched your photography business; but now you need to find a way to get yourself some clients.


Traditional advertising, like an advertisement in a magazine or paper, is mostly useless. Do not waste your money unless you are investing in something like AdWords. Especially when there are several free photography marketing ideas you can implement.


Instead, envision having people love your photography company so much that they send all their friends your way. Think of what it would be like to appear #1 in Google for your desired keyword, and also to have sufficient people finding you to fulfil your profit goals without anxiety and without spending thousands of dollars on advertising.


It can happen.


It may Just take some time, but here are 10 photography marketing ideas that work like mad.


1. Google Business Pages


When you search on Google and include a place on your keyword, such as “Madison Wedding Photographer,” Google is currently placing their Google Business listings before the organic listings in their positions. These listings are free, so go and get one today!


It’s important to fully complete your profile and start getting reviews if you wish to appear in the local listings. Be certain to upload some photos also, as they occasionally appear there in the search results. It’s a terrific way to boost your chances of being found on Google when people are trying to find a photographer.


2. Automate your Social Networking posts


Social Media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others can be super helpful ways to promote your company using digital copywriting.


That being said, you must be super careful not to waste a whole lot of time on those platforms since they can be extremely distracting. I mean I will go on Facebook to place a post on my business page, and an hour later I am seeing cat movies and forgot to post completely.


The Battle is real, friends.


So, in order to keep from wasting too much time, use a free service such as IFTTT to automate your posts. This lets you post in a single place and have it automatically post the exact identical content on other programs. This is the way to get the best response with the least amount of time wasted.


3. Write blogs as often as you can


Having fresh web page content on your website is among the best ways to let Google know your is website active (that provides you better positions) and shows your clients that you’re busy. When I visit a website that has not been updated in a month or two, I often wonder if they’re still in business. If you do not have many shoots, distribute your articles (do a couple of pictures one at a time rather than all in one big post) or reveal some private work.


It’s also extremely valuable to blog about things your customers want to know. By way of instance, wedding photographers might want to put a series on their site with tips for brides for getting better wedding photos (for example, hiring a professional lighting company or not getting ready in the church kitchen) whereas portrait photographers can post about what to wear to an interview. Providing information to your customers allows them to appreciate you and see you as an authority and trusted business advisor regarding the topic.


You’ll also want to be certain that your website is optimized for search engines so you can attract clients that are looking for a photographer like you by searching the net, this is something a web agency could help with.


4. Start building an email list immediately


The more I learn about email advertising, the more I realize I should have started an email list straight away from the very start. I am not talking about buying some arbitrary list that folks are attempting to sell you. I’m referring to people that are interested in your job and opt-in for emails from you.


The beauty of this email list is that these customers already enjoy your work enough to give you their email address. They wish to hear about your organization and about the products you’re offering. They might even love your job enough that they need to get an email each time you update your site with new photographs. These individuals are priceless.


Wish to do a day of mini-sessions? Tell your Email list and give them the chance to sign up a day until you start it to the general public. Have a new product you’re offering? Inform your listing about it and entice them to purchase it.


You can Use MailChimp for free if you simply send out a basic newsletter from time to time, that is the absolute minimum you should do.


However, I highly suggest using ConvertKit. They do have a modest monthly fee to use their service, but the automation they supply will easily cover the cost, and it is going to cost you less than your monthly Starbucks budget and that’s well worth it.


5. Offer referral bonuses


Word of Mouth advertising is one of the most effective things you can have for propelling your business forward. A way to help promote that is to reward people for telling their friends about your organization and how amazing you are. I like to provide either a free print or a specific quantity of printing credit for my customers for each friend they refer to us that books a wedding or session. This is not free to deliver, but I am putting it in my “free” list since it is possible to pay for it out of their profits from their buddy who might not have booked with you anyway. It’s free to begin and promote.


6. Network with other professionals


Get involved with other professionals in the community area. It’s awesome how faithful business owners may be towards each other when you really hit it off. Be sure to promoting their companies to your customers, and they’ll make sure to reciprocate.


If you are a wedding photographer, it is important to network with other wedding professionals because you share customers but do not have to compete to be the best wedding photographer.


7. Run a contest or a promotion


I debated putting this one on here at all because some photographers give their work away for free for too long, but a contest or giveaway here and there can really help boost visibility to your company.


My friend Andy and I gave away free wedding pictures to a couple annually for the first 3 decades of our company as a means to give back to people, and while it’s been an incredibly rewarding thing to do on a personal level, it is not something which brings in a great deal of extra business. Our target market can manage higher-end photography, whereas individuals who enter a competition for something free frequently do so because they cannot afford the luxury item. It was shocking to me how a lot of individuals still met with us and booked us while the competition was open, but our target audience would rather book us than wait for the results of a competition but maybe lose their date.


To do this to get more customers, you need to be certain you’re reaching your intended audience.


8. Have customers recruit their friends


Offering a free gift or a small discount to individuals who find a couple of friends to all schedule photograph sessions on the same day can be a tremendous motivator for people to locate others to hire you too. Again, we are harnessing the power of word of mouth advertising, but it is so powerful that it cannot be ignored.


9. Get featured on picture blogs


There’s a ton of wedding and portrait sites out there that feature photography, and there are a few portrait sites that feature portrait photographers also. Get featured if it’s possible, then market it where your customers can see it. There is nothing wrong with reminding them how amazing you are. It is simply some strategic business advice.


10. Give back to the community


This not only gets your name out there, but it makes it possible to build relationships with other Professionals who might desire your services or refer you to people they know. There are very few organizations who would turn down free photography policy for their event. Consider donating a session into a cause that is important to you. Or provide up a free session as part of a silent auction. The possibilities here are endless.

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